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Look at your ideal customer. By providing value, people who appreciate that value will naturally come to you. It’s the best way to do lead generation. Also read Afghanistan Phone Number Stop trying to be unique, credible, and visible 7. Show why a personal account also works much better than a business account (use it purely as a business card, share from your private account). That also means that it works to your advantage if you show your own.

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Personality Even on a business medium like LinkedIn. Of course, you don’t have to share your dinner (or you have to have a good reason for it but look back at that mood board from the first tip and add one or two personal items that fit your company. You are probably not the only one offering your service or product, but your personality is unique. And people are attracted to that. You want that group. These are your ideal.

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customers and through your personality, you convince them to do business with you. 8. Tech Tips LinkedIn is developing quite a bit. For example, LinkedIn Creator Mode and the LinkedIn Coverstory have recently been introduced. Also, possibilities to let that personality shine even more. Another tip: use video on LinkedIn. Many entrepreneurs don’t do that yet, while LinkedIn likes it and rewards you with a greater reach.

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