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Woo Commerce tutorial what the plugin is and how it works for you to create your virtual store

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Woo Commerce tutorial what the plugin is and how it works for you to create your virtual store

Therefore, creating your content with search objectives in mind will help you achieve good positions in the SERP. To make a good analysis of these results pages, different factors must be taken into account, such as: suggestions from Google autocomplete; questions Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List and related searches; presence of different types of content positioning (videos, images, texts) existence of rich resources such as featured snippets ; types of titles and meta descriptions used by competitors; In our blog we have an interesting example of the results that can be obtained when this analysis of the SERP is well done, taking into account the intention of the user. In Mexico, the keyword «search engines» indicates the intention to find content about how these devices work, essentially.

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What are the features of Woo Commerce?

We produced an article that explains it and it turns out that it ranks at the top of the page for that search. But note that the situation changes when the user searches for “search engines”. That is, the two keywords refer to the same subject object, but in this case the outstanding results present alternative search engine listings to Google. This shows that user intent often changes for different search terms. In other words, with Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List this analysis we realized that we would have to produce a different article to position in the SERP for the keyword «search engines». We did so and we also made it to the top. Track UX metrics User experience (UX) refers to the general feeling that a user has when interacting with your site. There are many factors that go into building a suitable UX for users. Here we will see three of them. PageSpeed Loading speed, or PageSpeed , is the time a page takes to load and display its content to a user. This factor is important because users demand speed and agility , as your site competes with many other content.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Woo Commerce?

So if you don’t make sure it loads quickly, users will lose interest and won’t hesitate to leave your page. Responsive pages The Responsive design is critical for two reasons: to avoid a penalty of Google and of course, better to have more chances UX positioning web. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List Currently, users can access your site from multiple devices with screens of different sizes. So, without a responsive design, the organization of the elements that make up your web pages can be messed up and make your site practically un-navigable. SEO The relationship between SEO and UX seeks to understand and adjust to user behavior to provide maximum value. Gone is the era of keyword stuffing and today, SEO works to provide a better experience according to the user’s needs.

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