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Who are you on the Internet? The complete guide to perfecting your brand’s digital presence

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Who are you on the Internet? The complete guide to perfecting your brand’s digital presence

Also, elements associated with the size and positioning of the businesses are relevant, since they reflect what types of requirements they will have and how much they are able to pay for certain products or services. This means that you must analyze the Canada Phone Number List Database total number of employees, the estimated volume of business, the place in the market and similar factors. Of course, you cannot forget to apply geographic segmentation criteria, which also influence the reality of companies. B2C As you already know, here relevant criteria are used to segment the final consumer, such as income level, education, aspirations and problems, while taking into account behavioral and preference aspects. The context of life (young worker, married, single, retired, etc.) and geographical location must also be considered. On the other hand, you should know that Canada Phone Number List Database the criteria, like the segmentation itself, are classified into different types, such as: Specific They are those criteria that depend on the type of product or service that is marketed, for example, those elements of behavioral analysis associated with the way in which the client uses and takes advantage of it.

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General They are criteria that, on the contrary, do not depend on the type of product or service , for which they apply in any case. Demographic variables are a clear example. goals These are quantifiable criteria, that is, they can be measured. Average monthly purchases can be one of these. Subjective These, logically, are criteria that we cannot measure, but rather provide us with qualitative customer information. Here are Canada Phone Number List Database different demographic and geographic variables. How to do an accurate customer segmentation today? Segmenting your customers is a task that involves multiple efforts, practices and actions. At present, many of these are related to the digital environment , since it is where the user interacts and operates the most. Without further ado, here are some of the key strategies that will help you achieve this: opt for interactive content As you already know, many of the criteria for customer segmentation are associated with their behavior and preferences.

Why is it important to take care of the digital presence of your brand?

One of the practices that allows obtaining information on these elements, and then rigorous segmentation, is the production and dissemination of interactive content . As the name implies, these types of materials are characterized by stimulating reactions Canada Phone Number List Database and responses from the user, which help to discover and examine it. Among these we find: infographics , videos , quizzes , surveys, and other visual materials that motivate the person to interact and that invite them to point out aspects of interest. An example of interactive material that can be used to segment customers is the Assessment, which consists of a series of precisely targeted questions to understand who the user is behind the screen.

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