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Which brands were right and which were wrong in their marketing this year?

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Which brands were right and which were wrong in their marketing this year?

Various brands tried to take advantage of certain times of the year, situations or events to promote themselves, some were right and others were wrong. INTERNATIONAL.- The marketing in real time can be a great tool if you can do and take advantage of controversial moments or are setting trends; however, it is also a double-edged sword, since any error can be highly questioned by consumers and have a negative effect.

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Mashable made a compilation of the brands that knew Finland Phone Number List how to get the most out of it at some point during the year, as well as others that had serious errors, mainly in Social Media when seeking to take advantage of a hashtag.


1.- Ikea made the presentation of its Apple-style catalog, the company took advantage of the fact that one of the strongest themes in the second half of the year was the launch of the iPhone. Many brands scoffed and others became attached to Apple to be on people’s lips.

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2.- One of the most talked about moments of the year was the bite that the Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suárez gave to a rival during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil. At the time, that fact became viral and many brands took advantage, one of them was Snickers.


3.- Activia accompanied Shakira in the official theme of the Soccer World Cup, one of the most shared videos in the history of YouTube, which is why it also became the most viewed commercial of all time.


4.- Always knew how to reverse one of the most used and considered sexist discriminatory stereotypes, doing things as a girl, with an interesting video in which she presents how things are done as a girl.



1.- DiGiorno Pizza wanted to hang on the hashtag #WhyIStayed to promote their products, without realizing that it was a label to criticize domestic violence, the company had to apologize later.


2.- Another stereotype is that in Africa the wild kingdom of animals dominates, Delta wanted to celebrate the triumph of the United States national team over Ghana Brother Cell Phone List with a tweet in which he placed the marker with icons, while the United States was the Statue of La Libertad, for the African country they posted a giraffe, one of the animals that does not exist in that country.


3.- One of the most sensitive dates is September 11, due to the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, this year some brands wanted to join in the commemoration of that day, but there were some who made a mistake in their posts , wanting to take advantage of a subject as delicate as BearWorkshop.


4.- And if we talk about sensitive issues in Mexico, the Nestlé Crunch failure was presented , with its criticized and controversial post about the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.

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