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Community and have it return. They are valuable and often sustainable worlds once they have reached a certain scale and diversity. Examples of costs  Russia Phone Number  Second Life Uploading an image costs 10 L$ (3 euro cents). You can paste such an image as a kind of wallpaper (texture) on a wall, on your house, on a primitive shape (block, triangle, sphere), on an imported shape (from Blender or another 3D program), or on your garment or.

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You can also rent land. The land costs of Manifestations on Second Life last year were 14 euros per week. A sim (simulator island) costs about 300 euros per month. A non-profit can apply for a 50% discount. Organization and structure Just like a concert or exhibition, organizing a digital event in a virtual world starts with planning a date and renting a space. We were finished building the virtual world in 3 weeks.

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Fairly easy (remember, most 3D worlds are set up so that an 8-year-old can do it), especially with the help of people from the community or who you meet online. Make a call within the team and network: who finds it interesting to participate in building the festival in the virtual world? You can divide tasks as follows: Artistic. Who collects the artistic ideas and makes a first division of the space? Think of a podium exhibition portals.

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