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When to use quotes in your Instagram strategy

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When to use quotes in your Instagram strategy

Doesn’t it give you the feeling that if you look where you look, you come across an inspiring quote ? Our breakfast cup, our work diary or our mobile phone case tell us that “if we can dream it, we can live it” or “never let tears prevent us from seeing the stars”. And, of course, Instagram is no exception to this invasion of cute quotes full of hearts and unicorns . So much saturation has made Marketing Paradise wonder when it makes sense to use quotes on Instagram and how to use them so as not to tire users and get interactions. Ireland Business Phone List Although, if you want to know everything you need to design an Instagram strategy that really works , listen to this podcast in which Sheila and Jorge explain everything to you, everything. The meaning of quote is “quote” in Spanish, and it is the replica of a statement that is inserted in its own content between quotation marks and highlighting it from the rest of the text, either in a larger size or with a different color. It is an element that condenses an idea in a few words and serves to contextualize or reinforce it; although it can also be used for informational purposes. A few years ago, posting a quote on Instagram was an easy resource that assured us some success. But today there is much more content and users have gotten tired of accounts that abuse the typical quotes without adding more value. Even so, we are not willing to give up so easily a resource that, used well, we know can help us connect with our audience and generate engagement . After much research and testing, we are ready to pass on a bit of our Instagram wisdom and explain some tips to integrate quotes into your Instagram strategy: As long as the quote is not yours or your company, Ireland Business Phone List name the author. It is not okay to try to appropriate what other people have said. In addition, the name of the author, if it is someone well known, can give greater credibility and value to your content . And even if they are not well known, if you justify that they are an expert in the field, for example, by putting their professional position or main merits, their opinion will have more weight for users. Do not abuse the quotes Instagram is a very visual social network, in which users look for neat photographs and original creatives, so a feed with too much text may not stand out . In addition, our advice is that quotes never replace content that adds more value or that serves to showcase your products. Think about your audience Research what type of quotes interest your audience to identify trends and avoid the ones that are repeated the most. Adapt those ideas to your brand and your way of communicating.

In relation to your sector If you dedicate yourself to the world of technology it may make sense to use a quote from Steve Jobs, but one from Arguiñano may be out of tune. Think that, in the end, quotes are a way to show your brand and end up selling your products or making yourself relevant in the sector . Therefore, it does not make sense for you to use quotes that have nothing to do with your brand and values. Don’t try to put Don Quixote in its entirety in an Instagram image. Think that if it takes more than three seconds to read, you will lose the user’s attention . The quotes , the shorter the better. Don’t get so serious It is not necessary that all the quotes you post are serious and profound. Sometimes it is easier to reach users through humor . An example of this is the Malasmadres account , which knows how to combine seriousness and humor to connect with its followers, or Mr. Puterfull , who has made irony his hallmark. Share testimonials Another good use of quotes can be to use them to share testimonials from your users or clients. These types of quotes, as long as they are real, add credibility to Ireland Business Phone List the brand and serve to strengthen your community of followers. Instagram Quote Maker : it is a web tool that allows, in a very simple way, to choose a color for the background of the quote and to enter the text. It is free and requires no registration . Instaquote : free mobile app with different backgrounds and fonts to adapt your quotes . Also, if you need inspiration, it has a good collection of quotes that you can use. Canva : Our favorite for its variety of templates and fonts . It has a web and mobile version and registration is free, as well as most of its functions, although some photographs are paid. Crello – Very similar to Canva in terms of templates, photos, and fonts. It also has a web and mobile version. The difference here is that premium content is accessible for free, but leaves a watermark. To remove it, you would have to contract its Pro plan. Quotes creator : only for Android and with some payment options within the app. It is a simpler option and requires less design notions , since it allows you to easily add texts to different backgrounds and photographs.

Try them to work out the design of your quotes , because in case you didn’t know, social media design is very important, and in this podcast Sheila and Lucía explain why. Our recommendation is that, if you have your own appointments , don’t be shy about taking them out , because they will give more authenticity to your brand. But if you haven’t gotten up very inspired today, don’t worry, because the web makes it easy for us with millions of ideas. You can find them in: Pinterest : this social network is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Put ” quotes ” in your search engine and you will get a wide variety of categories: humor, beautiful, inspirational, book, short, famous, ironic, and so on. The good thing is that, yes or yes, here you will find the appointment you were looking for . Hit it? That you will not do anything else all day other than read and read sentences on your computer. eu phonen umber Tumblr : Although it’s hard to believe, Tumblr is still alive and is another of the sites where you will find a good collection of quotes . Wikiquote : one of the largest celebrity quotes databases in the world. Maybe you already knew that it allows you to search by author of the phrase, but it also gives the option to browse by category , which can be very useful if you don’t know which authors interest you. Google – We always go back to Google in the end, but it’s the quickest and easiest resource if you need inspiration. Search for ” quotes ” and you will find hundreds of pages that have already made the effort to collect the quotes that may interest you or look directly at images , you will see many examples that may be of use to you. If we have helped you with these tips on quotes on Instagram and you have liked what you have read, do not be greedy, share with your contacts . And if you think we have missed something, tell us in the comments or through our social networks.

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