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When the client changes concept in the middle of the project

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When the client changes concept in the middle of the project

I’ve been working as a freelance designer for a few years now and you guessed it. I’ve had many clients and many professional experiences. So today, I wanted to come back to questions that I have been able to ask myself in projects with a client relationship. I thought that sharing these experiences and how. I try to guide them would be interesting for you, graphic designers. But also if you are clients or collaborators with designers. I also specify that each experience is different and that this is a testimony, of experience and how. I always try to favor the project rather than my ego, that of the client or any tension.

When the customer gives feedback from across

I don’t care about all that, what matters to me is that the project be the best possible. And if you want to share your experiences and how you deal with them, feel free to do so in the comments. When the client adds unforeseen requests. This is something that happens from time to time with clients who are trying to have a quick little web page , or a quick little philippines photo editor graphic charter , etc. Sometimes we accept certain things. Ok to make a small banner as a bonus, but that’s all but it is very quickly disturbing to see unforeseen requests constantly flowing. Why is it wrong Already, because it’s out of contract, out of your quote so that the client tries to make you work more and for free under the pretext that it goes quickly.

philippines photo editor

When the client votes for the best of your proposals

Also, because the client judges that your work does not take long to be carried out or that your work does not have that much value. By doing this, he is therefore not respecting the contract that binds you. And for having sometimes accepted a EU Phone Number bit of everything and anything at the start of your career, it can very quickly get out of hand with requests that follow one another and follow one another.  What do I do when this happens to me I make it very simple I accept. And I specify that I will send him a quote in stride to fulfill his request. If the client really needs what he is asking of me, he will agree, otherwise he will tell me that it can wait. these waiting times.

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