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What will moms be like in 2050?

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What will moms be like in 2050?

Through different analyzes, the Leonardo 1452 agency developed a report on what the trends of mothers will be in the year 2050. Mexico, DF.- Venturing to what may happen a year from now can be risky, but it is even more so when it comes to calculating what the market trends and consumer behavior will be for moms in the year 2050.

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However, the Leonardo 1452 agency , through an analysis Cyprus Phone Number List and interviews with different people, of all genders and ages, managed to find how the panorama could be presented in 36 years for women and their role as such, as professionals and as mothers. 

The study is known as the Mom of the Future, which will be presented through a play, which will explain the results of the six areas analyzed such as employment, personal care, health, nutrition, retail and social media. In the case of employment “we are going to see a more empowered woman through the women’s union and the world of the entrepreneurship industry, which allows her to exercise her role as a woman and as a mother, even though she is undertaking, it is not a trade-off between doing it or not. The work will have to adapt to women and not the other way around, surely there will be new professions that will help them develop their role ”, Sandra Arriaga , founder of the agency , commented in an interview .

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Other points detected are in personal care, in which women will break with the stereotype of being beautiful or intelligent, while, in health, as mothers, they will seek solutions using traditional and alternative options , as well as in nutrition, where they will involve more to other members Brother Cell Phone List of your family, especially your children. Some companies that have resorted to the agency’s trend analysis are Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma, Nissan, Sauza Tequila, Telmex, Telefónica, Lala and Kellogs, among others.

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