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What were the mistakes of the Victoria’s Secret Perfect Body campaign?

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What were the mistakes of the Victoria’s Secret Perfect Body campaign?

The lingerie brand’s Perfect Body campaign unleashed strong criticism on social media, and other companies took advantage of the mistake. International.- The unsuccessful campaign The Perfect Body, with which the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand sought to publicize a new line of underwear, left a teaching on how social networks are the great allies of consumers, that they can demonstrate to companies their acceptance or dissatisfaction with what they do.

The use of models with a slim body and the slogan that Panama Phone Number List refers to perfection caused anger and in addition to criticism on social networks, a movement was organized on the Change.org page for the brand to apologize and stop promoting stereotypes of the female body.

According to Click Z, one of the first mistakes was the slow reaction that Victoria’s Secret had once criticism began on Twitter for the campaign, which turned a potential opportunity into one of the biggest problems, not respecting the great variety of consumers that a clothing line can have. This campaign could have been considered by a sector of the consumers of this brand as a criticism of their person , which is the last thing people want, that a company or someone else judge them for their body or any other aspect.

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Another problem that was generated was the #IamPerfect counter-campaign, through Twitter, in which annoyed users told the brand their opinion for those images, while other companies such as Dove took advantage of it to promote themselves, adopting the position from the outraged audience as a marketing strategy to spread the values ​​that those consumers were looking for.

Meanwhile, on the reaction of the brand in Social Media, it is considered that it was slow, although later the slogan was changed and offered an apology, the damage had already been done. In this sense, Davir Uribe, Creative VP of Asylum Marketing, recommends that the best way to face Brother Cell Phone List a crisis in social networks that was not addressed in time is to wait for the situation to cool down and for someone else to draw attention. Victoria’s Secret received a teaching from the users of social networks, which includes their own target audience , with which they should pay more attention to their next campaign and seek to include their audience in it.

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