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What is the Data Warehouse and what is its importance in your digital strategy?

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What is the Data Warehouse and what is its importance in your digital strategy?

The plugin allows the selection of migrated content both at the time of backup and when the environment is restored. To restore it, however, you need to use a complementary tool, called Import Buddy . This plugin has a feature called database rollback, which Iran WhatsApp Number List allows recovery of individual files. This is a very useful feature if you only need to retrieve a specific post, for example. All-in-One WP Migration The All-in-One WP Migration is a plugin that also migrates between environments with extreme ease and speed. In addition, it allows you to select what will be part of the copy during the migration process. That way, if you want to migrate, but don’t want to carry user comments on posts, for example, simply select this option in the settings. It also allows different alternatives for the package generated during migration, such as making it available in files, transmission via FTP or cloud storage .

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Main benefits of a Data Warehouse in a company

The free version has a transfer limit of up to 512MB. For larger sites, you need to buy the paid version of the plugin. Duplicator Duplicator is one of the most used plugins for migration, since its free version allows you to copy, migrate or clone the site between different domains or servers with great ease and agility. The plugin also offers resources for making backup copies of files and databases, filtering Iran WhatsApp Number List which directories and tables will be backed up, as well as offering a friendly interface for migration. Duplicator offers a paid version, which has numerous features, such as allowing backups to be made to various cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Basically it creates an installation package with all the files on the website and transfers it to the new environment. So you don’t need to pre-install WordPress on the new provider, just run the plugin on the original site to make the copy.

What is the Data Warehouse?

Migration through plugins facilitates the entire change process. In the following subtitles, we will show you step by step how to migrate by transferring the site in different ways with the help of plugins. That way, you will be able to notice the peculiarities of each one of them. How to migrate your WordPress from local to remote? Before starting the migration process, be sure to back security complete your Iran WhatsApp Number List local website. This process is very important and cannot be put aside. Once the backup is done, it is necessary to download, install and activate the plugin, which in this case will be Duplicator. Next, go to the WordPress Dashboard, click on “Duplicator”> “Packages” and then on the “Create new” button. The package settings screen will appear, containing some options for adding additional settings, such as specifying which database tables to select, among others.

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