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What is keyword stuffing and why should you avoid it?

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What is keyword stuffing and why should you avoid it?

International .- Before understanding what exactly keyword stuffing is, it should be noted that both Google and other search engines penalize those websites that perform bad practices in order to appear at the top of the list of results. Precisely, keyword stuffing is one of those undesirable practices.

Keyword stuffing, then, refers to the excessive use Albania Phone Number List of keywords within a web page, introducing them “artificially and without adding value to the user,” says the company BrainSINS . The intention of the keyword stuffing is obvious: to improve the positioning of the web in search engines. Pages full of keywords are not only a bad experience for the user, but, according to Google, they can negatively affect the ranking of the site.

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How do we know if we are committing this bad practice? The first and almost only advice is to use common sense and read the text in question several times. If it sounds unnatural or repetitive, it means we are doing something wrong.

Keyword stuffing, then, can be presented as:

– Listings of phone numbers or nonsense words.

– Text blocks with lists of countries or cities in which the Brother Cell Phone List web page wants to be classified.

– Repetition of the same words or phrases. For example: We sell cigar humidifiers. Our custom cigar humidifiers are handcrafted. If you want to buy a cigar humidifier .

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