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Weather or Based on a Combination

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Weather or Based on a Combination

Content is a faster and cheaper way to improve your discoverability. And your old articles immediately become relevant for your target group again. Update Sri-Lanka Phone Number List your existing content To rank better, a blog article must contain the right body and more current/better information. This is dependent on an analysis of the SERPs (search results pages). Which content ranks high and why? When updating existing content you can think.

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of: Adjust title and meta (for example with a new year) Updating the information so that it corresponds to the current state of affairs Supplementing the article with additional information Adjusting the structure of the article Providing new internal and external links Replacing the images with new images and other media. If you’ve been involved in content marketing for several years, digging through your archive is a big job.

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Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

So check Google Search Console to see which articles are already performing well, but also have the potential to do even better. You will probably soon realize what you need to do to improve the article when you read it. Also read: Creative content? Ditch these 7 rules Continuous growth in traffic through content merging An example: Fingerspitz.nl regularly publishes blog articles.

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