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Video Is Huge and About

Be consistent Consistency is everything: in healthy eating, exercising, sleeping, in Turkey Phone Number your work, and certainly also in your presence on social media. Do you get stressed at the idea of ​​having to post 5x a week? Then leave it. Start small, but make sure that people know not only what to expect from you, but also when. Responding and posting structurally with fifteen minutes a day ensures visibility and reliability among you.

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A social media break can work great for your peace of mind and quality of life. But make sure you already have a few posts ready. It is smart not to interrupt your social media cycle as an entrepreneur if it is not necessary. A person who is on social media. 6. Share value for your target audience The all-important way to express yourself is by delivering value. Always, in every post, in every comment, and in every private.

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message. Adding value from your field and expertise shows what you can do, what you stand for and with that, you immediately help the reader a little further. Don’t let that go, however tempting it may be at times. Don’t go for the most likes or the viral posts , but choose your ideal customer. You do it for him or her. You don’t have to jump into every trend and please everyone.

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