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Vertical social networks: what are they and what are they for?

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Vertical social networks: what are they and what are they for?

You may not have heard much about this, but yes: there are vertical and horizontal social networks. In this article we will focus on the former, which are neither Facebook nor Instagram, and everything you need to know about them to take advantage of them in your next strategies Germany Business Phone List. Vertical social networks are those that group users around a specific theme . They are also known as thematic social networks and, within them, there are subdivisions according to more specific activities or interests. A vertical social network not only has to deal with a specific topic, it must also bring together users interested in it. So far so good, but I will have the audacity to add that, in addition, it must meet the following requirement: the vast majority of registered users are interested in this topic, are dedicated to it or seek the same goal . Therefore, they are niche networks that do not have a very high number of users, but those that do exist are segmented users and whose interactions can be much more profitable. The reason for this clarification is that, for example, Instagram emerged as a social network designed for photography lovers. Regarding the publication of photos, the mechanics of the channel are still maintained, okay, but… really how many users are there because they are freaked out by the contrast of the lights and shadows projected in the inevitable Germany Business Phone List reflection that generates a very good close-up close-up in low angle? Very, very few. That’s what Flickr is for , which would be a good example of a vertical social network . Well, basically, to be where you have to be . From the user’s point of view, to be in a social network that revolves around a topic that interests them. From a brand perspective, to reach the right audience. It is clear that, when building your strategy, you must take into account the main social networks. In other words, the horizontal ones, the general ones, the massive ones you want to call them. There are many possibilities that Instagram, Twitter or Facebook will allow you to reach a suitable target if you do it well, but in a vertical social network the probability that users are interested in what you are going to tell them is 99.9% . Ultimately, it’s about giving the right content to the right target .

Because as you probably already know, the user is the king in social networks and, not the content as many still believe. Although if you want to go deeper into this topic, don’t miss episode 3 of our podcast to find out who really is the priority in a social media strategy. But not to deviate from the topic. Let’s see how vertical social networks can help you more easily achieve goals of: Branding, building a brand in the most suitable environment for your sector. Positioning, since you will go a step beyond the brands that are only in horizontal social networks. Loyalty, as users are more likely to become customers. Scope of new profiles , because although they may also be on Facebook, they will not behave the same and will not pay the same attention to your content. Create community and, as a consequence , engagement . If you offer quality content, these users are going to thank you Germany Business Phone List. And now let’s go to what you’ve been wanting to know for a long time: here are a few examples of vertical social networks that you can use in your strategy. Moterus . The name makes it clear. It is the social network for lovers of two wheels , a site that aims to end all the forums on the subject (too many) and that disperse fans with the same interest. It has more than 60,000 users. Nosplay . The site for the crazy of the video games . Here they are from those who design new games or those who are just looking for a couple of tricks to continue advancing to those who sleep glued to their console. You will find reviews , debates, news, events and much more about all types of video games and for all types of consoles. FilmAffinity , IMDb and Moviehaku . Sure you have ever visited these pages, but you have only been taking a look. Well there is more. As you know, all of them revolve around the cinema and, in addition to what you see from outside, they give fans of the big screen the option to register and be able to rate the films, comment on them or create rankings. Bloosee . Founded in 2009 in Barcelona, ​​it is designed for lovers of the ocean and the sea: divers, sailors, surfers … It offers useful information on beaches, aquariums, airports or storms. In addition, it allows users to debate in forums, add friends or send messages. Eleqt . The least social network of all. Its theme is luxury and high-end lifestyle . Of course, not all of us have the honor to enter. You can only access with an invitation or by paying a kind of registration fee. Thus, they ensure the “quality” of their members. If you are the owner of Loewe or Dom Pérignon and you are reading this, sign it up. Stratos .

The community for code lovers. If you are a developer , surely you are very comfortable here. Daily update of news and a huge community of people who share their experiences and questions with the rest awaits you on Stratos. An alternative to Google when it comes to getting information. Openart . The online site for art professionals. Collectors, painters, galleries and event organizers come together in the same URL. Fans from outside the world also have their place and can find all the interesting events in their city here. Esanum . The social platform for health professionals. Social network ” of doctors for doctors” , as they are described. Without a doubt, the best way to condense all users in the sector to connect with colleagues and share experiences Germany Business Phone List. Let’s say it’s your particular LinkedIn. Womenalia . Social network for professional and entrepreneurial women that is used for networking . A kind of LinkedIn by and for women: “we put all the means for you to achieve your dreams and professional and personal goals.” Badoo , Tinder or Meetic . You don’t have to excuse yourself by saying that you know them because a friend uses them. Social networks to meet people and flirt are very much the order of the day. So much so that brands like Netflix have eu phonen umber already turned to Tinder more than once to promote new series . Dogster . Social network for dog owners and lovers . In addition to participating in discussion forums, you can find very useful information about veterinarians, training or breeds. The perfect place to meet people with dogs and exchange experiences. These are just a few, but surely 21Buttons , Flickr or Tripadvisor also sound familiar to you . Have you ever considered the advantages they can offer you to boost your brand? What are the advantages of these networks? If, at this point, you still doubt whether or not you should register your brand in a vertical network, you need this summary of advantages to convince you. Make sure it is a sufficiently active social network. Investigate and thoroughly understand the mechanics and behavior of users. Adapt your content to simpler formats , since you probably don’t have as many publishing options as in a massive social network. And now that you already have everything you need to get closer to the world of vertical social networks, you only have to leave us in the comments your questions and your experience in case you have used any of them. And if you don’t want to tell us anything, well, hey, you won’t go to bed without knowing something else.

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