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United Nations invites 16 days of activism against gender discrimination

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United Nations invites 16 days of activism against gender discrimination

A new United Nations campaign invites to educate the population about the value of women and the fundamentals of ending misogyny and its edges International.- The UNWomen, fraction in favor of the rights and non-discrimination of women, of the United Nations, is inviting to carry out a 16-day day of activism. From November 25 to December 10, the idea is to dress orange and “orange the neighborhood,” including streets, shops, and businesses. In addition, they are invited to organize “Orange Events” during the same period.

The idea is that, by including symbolic color in all kinds of places (streets, gas stations, shopping centers, etc.), people are invited to become aware of violence against Cayman Island Phone Number List women, an issue that, in the 21st century is far from behind. Every year, in different parts of the world, not only do thousands of femicides occur, but our fellow men are discriminated against in social, political, cultural and labor terms, even if it is said that this is not the case. In Latin American countries, for example, the wage gap between men and women, continues to be an issue that shames the peoples and their governments, but which, despite this, still remains without real regulation.

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Although this invitation seems somewhat local, the United Nations gives us a good idea to replicate in other countries. How to participate in the general movement? You can share photos, messages and videos of “orange” activities during the activism period initiated by UNWomen on the entity’s Facebook and Twitter .

In the following link (in English), you can download information on the activities that will be carried out in the United States, which can be a motivation for local Brother Cell Phone List initiatives. Last year, UNWomen ran a very strong campaign accusing Google of misogyny for its automatic phrase completion search engine, like the one featured in this poster. For those interested in the organization’s work, the official channel has a variety of testimonial videos. This corresponds to the fund for international aid.

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