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Understand what a scale up is, how it is characterized and how a startup is distinguished

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Understand what a scale up is, how it is characterized and how a startup is distinguished

The most important question for those who face this option when hiring a hosting plan is: is it the most suitable solution for me? Before answering this question, let’s better understand the main differences between WordPress hosting and regular hosting, Greece WhatsApp Number List also known as shared hosting. There are 4 main differences that deserve your attention when making this important choice: 1. Access to the administrative panel The first big difference between WordPress hosting and the shared alternative, more common in the market, refers to access to the administrative panel. Shared hosting works with cPanel technology and has an interface full of options and different Greece WhatsApp Number List paths to follow. On the other hand, whoever hires the exclusive WordPress service only has a simple interface at their disposal, with the basic actions of the content manager .

Greece WhatsApp Number List

Incorporate new skills into your structure

In this simplified version, the user can create email accounts, add domains and perform other specific actions. It is very direct and practical! 2. Use of other platforms A host that gives access to the cPanel interface, has much greater flexibility to test various CMS systems or even install only one HTML version (the simplest) of a website. With WordPress hosting, that doesn’t happen. The contracted plan is specific and there is nothing to test or explore. It all comes down to keeping a running WordPress system, nothing more. However, shared hosting also gives you Greece WhatsApp Number List access to the WordPress system, so opting for it does not mean giving up the CMS. It just requires a little more interface familiarity at installation time. 3. Additional resources WordPress hosting also has some additional resources, something that was expected in exchange for the flexibility that is lost in relation to conventional options. One of the advantages is that it offers an automatic backup of the website and the system, something that greatly increases the security of the operation. In addition, it has resources to prevent hacker attacks .

Scale up and Startup: are they the same?

Another benefit is the CDN (an acronym in English that means “Content Distribution Network”), a way to speed up page loading , this is important for the user experience and even, for the positioning in Google! 4. Prices With the added benefits we just mentioned, there is nothing more natural than having a price difference in WordPress hosting, right? Considering that shared hosting is the most widely used model in Greece WhatsApp Number List the world and that the competition is huge, it is logical that this solution is cheaper than WordPress hosting. But, even if price is a determining factor in your decision, don’t immediately assume that WordPress hosting is best left out. Think about your status as a customer. Do you have the necessary knowledge to use cPanel without difficulties? If not, how much would you spend to hire a dedicated professional to maintain the system?

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