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Understand the differences between Front-End and Back-end in the website environment

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Understand the differences between Front-End and Back-end in the website environment

Contributions of Virtual Learning Environments to education The use of virtual learning environments favors the digital inclusion of students and teachers, in addition to stimulating semi-face-to-face teaching, making classes more dynamic. For teachers, these environments enable different types of learning: cooperative, dialogue-oriented, project-based, and challenges / problems / cases. In addition, they act as a Uganda Phone Number List support for the development of multidisciplinary pedagogical practices, allowing the dissemination of information to a large number of people at the same time, without geographical limits. Finally, they provide information on the same system, making it possible to update, store, retrieve and distribute content instantly . For the students, the contributions begin by providing easy access to the information, since they Uganda Phone Number List do not depend on a fixed space or time. Students have the freedom to study at their own pace, regardless of where they are. Also, they can share data and the production of knowledge collectively, expanding their educational experience and stimulating collaboration among their peers.

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What is Full Stack programming?

Undoubtedly, these virtual learning environments allow groups of students to interact in communities, sharing information, even after completing the course. Since you know the educational contributions of virtual learning environments, do we propose some examples? 3 examples of virtual learning environments Google tools Several Google tools have been adopted at the University of Puerto Rico as educational platforms and innovative resources to improve educational quality. Also, podcasts, wikis, and blogs have been implemented to provide original learning opportunities. In Uganda Phone Number List some libraries, Google tools have been used to create thematic guides, in order to disseminate information online about institutional and free access resources. Massive Open Online Course have been other virtual learning environments developed by university institutions . This type of course is aimed at people who normally do not have the opportunity to attend academic institutions for geographical or economic reasons. An example of a MOOC is Coursera, an initiative of several US and international institutions, whose platform offers courses, certificates and online degrees from recognized universities and companies around the world.

Front-end and Back-end examples in practice

Adventure learning This is another successful e-learning tool, promoted by Aaron Doering. This type of experience promotes inquiry-based learning and has a social agenda component . Although this type of platform has been identified for K-12 curricula (primary and secondary schooling), its potential and possible applicability for university settings is striking. As you could see, there are many advantages and contributions Uganda Phone Number List of virtual learning environments today, and there is no better time than now to start taking advantage of all its benefits. In fact, providing a robust AVA is no longer a value add-on to a necessity . Only in this way can a truly competitive institution be competitive and provide a productive experience for its students. In addition, it is essential to guarantee maximum availability of the educational service, even in complex and unexpected moments such as the current one, in which social distancing has impacted the routines of millions of students around the world.

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