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Understand in detail what GitHub is and its importance for a business

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Understand in detail what GitHub is and its importance for a business

That’s why after a while he included us in the featured list snippet that the page had. In addition, with a better conceptual definition, our main content on Electronic Commerce also won the 1st position in the SERP of Mexico. In March, the two posts together brought us over 22,000 sessions. Cleaning the blog The more a blog grows, the more it must be aware of the maturity levels that it was exceeding. By this I mean Lebanon Phone Number List that it is time to check if it is convenient to update all the old content, because in many cases the renewal of the pages can be an option to discard. It sounds scary, but the most correct attitude sometimes is to permanently delete some pages and not to reactivate them . We call that “blog cleaning”, and Lebanon Phone Number List we have done it carefully for 1 and a half years. The process consists of a few essential steps: identify pages that do not bring high and relevant organic traffic; analyze whether these contents and their respective keywords deal with topics that make sense for the strategy or no.

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What is the importance of GitHub in a company?

Interpret the causes of their poor performance; define if the pages are to be killed or if it is convenient to update them; if they are killed, redirect the page to be deleted to the URL of the content that you want the user to access; if they are updated, decide if it is worth taking advantage of the authority of the page and just change the content or if it is better to create a new URL. The most common situations to delete Lebanon Phone Number List blog content are when: two or more pages conflict because they are very similar; a page is no longer relevant to the Buyer Persona; the page that brings little traffic takes away the strength of a main page, by being indexed in Google instead; among other. A few months ago we carried out a cleaning action that brought us quite interesting results. We had two stories about Storytelling and the oldest was the one that ranked in Google for the keyword “storytelling”, but we wanted the new post to be indexed instead.

Install a plugin from the GitHub platform

So we decided to delete the old page and add a Redirect 302 to it so that the user could access the most recent content. We request your rendering in Google Search Console and we wait. Over time, the new content began to gain rankings in the SERP, reaching Lebanon Phone Number List 2nd place in February for “Storytelling” in Mexico! In March, the page brought us 5,600 sessions. 11. Contents with different formats I know that at other times in this article I mentioned the importance of including various content formats in our materials. But it is possible for me to reinforce this aspect once more.

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