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Understand how Dell increased new business opportunities 10x with interactive content

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Understand how Dell increased new business opportunities 10x with interactive content

The problem in this case occurs due to the lack of attention to the needs of consumers and, with this, leads are lost every second. In addition to this, we are also in the presence of a bad development of the sales funnel . These are the most frequent errors in each phase: attraction : Buyer Ill- defined person; conversion : visitor with negative experiences on the landing page ; sales : precarious information flow between Russia Phone Number List the Marketing department and the sales department; retention : poor after-sales service. Each stage of the funnel is linked to the previous one, that is, if the attraction fails, we will surely not reach the sale, much less the retention. We open the question, would you launch a Marketing strategy with all these parameters Russia Phone Number List against it? Surely you will answer a resounding: no! Lack of measurement of results If there is an error that can mean the downfall of the entire Digital Marketing strategy, it is the lack of measurement of results. Without the application of metrics we will be sentencing the entire strategy that has been executed.

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The challenge generate qualified leads

Next, we will explain the difficulties it generates: we will not have full certainty of the efficiency of our actions; it will be impossible to read the behavior of consumers, their current and future preferences; We will not be able to measure the engagement of users with our brand, much less retain them; the number of inquiries, downloads, questions and possible new potential clients, will be a perennial Russia Phone Number List unknown. Not having a summary of the actions, consequences and statistics updated will make it impossible for us to fulfill the general objective of our strategy, we will lose the opportunity in the market and, if that were not enough, we will unnecessarily increase expenses. The measurement of results is essential if we want to optimize Marketing expenses! Low level of process automation The main objective of process automation is cost savings through the implementation of applications that replace manual processes, speeding up the execution time of tasks, preventing possible human errors and avoiding the loss of downtime.

The partnership between Dell and ion

Therefore, having a low level of automation of Marketing processes has an impact on: need for more resources to carry out tasks; greater probability of human and / or communication errors; very slow flow of information between departments; lack of control of results and update of status in real time; among other problems. This translates into an impressive cost increase and inclusion in a vicious circle that, to get out, Russia Phone Number List will be very complicated. Let’s continue to the next part of our post: the solution to optimize Marketing expenses . Continue reading! What alternatives are made feasible to optimize Marketing expenses?

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