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Uber faces a very serious brand crisis due to an executive

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Uber faces a very serious brand crisis due to an executive

International.- The Uber transfer service faces one of its worst brand crises after one of its executives said that the company should remove the dirty laundry of journalists who criticize the company, spy on their personal lives, their families and give them “a spoonful of their own medicine.”

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Popular transportation service Uber is under harsh criticism in a new public relations problem after its senior vice president for business, Emil Michael , said during a dinner Georgia Phone Number List that the company could spend a million dollars to hire researchers to learn about life. staff and families of journalists who are critical of the brand. The comment was made ” off the record ” but a Buzzfeed reporter said no one told him, so he went public with Michael’s ideas. The executive alluded to blogger Sarah Lacy , who has been characterized by being very critical of the service.

Emil Michael said that Lacy, who encourages people to stop using Uber, would be responsible in case other women who leave the service suffer sexual attacks by taxi drivers, this according to information from The Independent. After the fiasco caused by one of its executives, an Uber spokeswoman told the New York Times that they have not investigated the lives of the journalists and do not plan to do so.

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Meanwhile on Twitter, the Uber executive apologized but the damage had already been done. @sarahcuda I would like to apologize to you directly. My comments were wrong and I deeply regret them. – Emil Michael (@emilmichael) November 18, 2014 Uber is responsible for many other horrible business practices; damning that journalists are only up in arms about one that involves them. – Peter Bright (@DrPizza) November 18, 2014

As more time goes on, and more stories about execs’ behavior emerge, it becomes increasingly ethically questionable to carry on using Uber.

– Elliot Jay Stocks (@elliotjaystocks) November 18, 2014

Uber appear to have the same approach to revenge as Brother Cell Phone List Scientologists. App, deleted. http://t.co/mPZJJMO3Vo – Graham Linehan (@Glinner) November 18, 2014

Lyft: It’s like Uber but worse in every way except that it’s not made by evil people.

– dustin curtis (@dcurtis) November 18, 2014

Uber should fire Emil. The question is whether the culture is endemic. Fumigating only kills termites, it doesn’t repair wood damage. – Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) November 18, 2014

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