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Uber and Spotify join forces: now you can customize the music of your transport

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Uber and Spotify join forces: now you can customize the music of your transport

International . Today, Spotify and Uber announced the union of their services to provide users with a unique offering of personalized services. In this way, the popular companies will allow their consumers to customize music playlists that will be playing automatically when the Uber driver picks them up at their doorstep.

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Through a statement, companies specialized in mobile explained the dynamics of this new commercial strategy: “Connect your Spotify account through the Uber Honduras Phone Number List application, order a car and once Spotify has been synchronized with Uber, select the music you want to listen to from one of Uber’s suggested playlists or from your own Spotify playlists. Everything within the Uber app. ”

The statement indicates that once the car arrives, the user will listen to the song or playlist they have chosen on the car’s speakers and will have the possibility -once they have started the tour- to change the music through the mobile applications of Uber or Spotify.

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Likewise, the companies indicated that to publicize and celebrate this new alliance, Spotify and Uber will give fans the opportunity to connect some of their favorite artists such as Diplo, Andrew WKj Jake Owen or Ximena Sariñana through 10 cities around the world. : London, Los Angeles , Mexico City , Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Toronto and Sydney.

Special events for Spotify and Uber users (which include car rides with artists and exclusive live sessions in 5 of the 10 cities) will take place next Friday, November 21 . Date on Brother Cell Phone List which this commercial maneuver will start, which is emerging as one of the most attractive so far this year.

Here is a video:

Uber is an application that connects people through an on-demand transportation system; it doesn’t matter when and where they want to go. In the case of Spotify, it makes musical content available to users at all times.

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