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Transforming data into useful information: 4 points that will help you # CNMD2014

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Transforming data into useful information: 4 points that will help you # CNMD2014

Hebert Hernández, director and founder of ÁbacoDigital, shared some useful tips to determine which are the best metrics in a strategy.

Mexico, DF- . During his participation in the Third National Congress of Digital Marketing , Hebert Hernández , director and founder of ÁbacoDigital, shared with those Nepal Phone Number List attending the event some useful tips to determine which are the best metrics in a strategy and how to convert data into useful information for the decision making.

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Throughout the talk, the manager emphasized that data alone should not be considered as useful aspects in decisions to optimize the strategies of a company or brand. He indicated that the data only becomes useful information to direct strategic actions , when they go through an analysis, through particular metrics and indicators to find actions and insights of true value.

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In this process, according to the speaker, it is vital to consider the following aspects to define the most appropriate metrics to transform data into tools to drive company actions:

-Define the objective (segmentation): not all data is useful to achieve the same objectives. It is necessary to define what we are looking for and analyze accordingly.

-Data sources (context): although within each company Brother Cell Phone List there may be an important database, external sources should not be neglected, so that in the collection, analysis and definition of metrics it is necessary to consider spaces, own spaces won and spaces won.

-Segmentation: it is important to define what you want to study to determine, to know its characteristics so as not to fall into generalization errors.

-Don’t forget the context: let’s remember that most of the times we analyze a small part of a whole; If the macro aspects are not taken into account, there will not be a clear point of comparison, and the first point already mentioned will not be able to land correctly.

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