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To grow in digital, the likes of social networks do not serve # CNMD2014

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To grow in digital, the likes of social networks do not serve # CNMD2014

Generating quality content is key to being relevant in the immense online universe, so brands must redouble their efforts in this regard. Mexico DF-. Brands that work with Facebook or Twitter to boost their presence are concerned about likes. However, for marketing purposes, the least we should care about is the number of followers.

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The foregoing was the focus of the presentation given by Miguel Baigts , general director of Consulting Media México, at the Third National Congress of Digital Mexico Phone Number List Marketing organized by Merca2.0 , who assured that the future of social networks and brands that seek to generate Business opportunities through the Internet have the obligation to generate quality content to not only reach a few million followers that can be found in a social network but also access the billions that the network concentrates by itself.

“If as a brand you now have a million followers in a single social network, you are forgetting 111 million more users who have activity on the network. The million you have is in-house and the people outside are the ones you have to meet. The only way to achieve this is to appear in the first places within the main search engines. If you do not appear in the search engine, you are nobody ”, said Baigts during his talk.

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But, how to place a brand in the first places of search?

In this regard, the manager indicated that generating quality content is the key to being a relevant player in the immense online universe , so brands must redouble their efforts in this regard with areas, equipment and human capital specialized in generating information from value.

“A like is not important to Google, but good content will always have weight and importance. Through the creation of quality content and through participation in different Brother Cell Phone List social networks, what is achieved is to appear in the search engines and gain presence on the network in an organic way, with which the reach of the brand is exponentially amplified ”.

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