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These Videos in Emails and Social

If you choose to log in anyway, you often have at least 1 or 2 other activities at that time. You check your mail and you may also be working for a while, while the webinar continues in the background. Also read: How to stay relevant to the new Panama Phone Number generation The deployment of online events is therefore not comparable to that of live events. In marketing terms, you could say that online events are more top-of-funnel events.

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while live events are often deployed in the bottom-of-the-funnel within B2B. You can make a nice mix of it, but it remains difficult to trigger the leads that are almost at the purchase stage to purchase via an online event. Adobe did this well through a virtual wine tasting. You can listen to that approach in our podcast.

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The step to hybrid events A next step that you will see in 2021 is the organization of hybrid events. You combine the advantages of online with the personal approach of a live event. At this type of event you therefore also have 2 types of visitors: online and live. Especially at a time when there is still uncertainty about the corona, a hybrid event is ideal for, for example, the following types of visitors who may not be able to.

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