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The Truth About Free Reverse

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The Truth About Free Reverse

My favorite tradition: looking into the crystal ball and boldly predicting what cannot be predict in the future! Imagine running into a time machine Costa Rica Phone Number somewhere at the end of 2019 and casually traveling a year ahead in time. Chances are, the scenes feel somewhat apocalyptic. Everyone is wearing face masks, uncomfortable elbow bumps have become the norm and all other socializing takes place via Zoom.

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An app you would never have heard of 12 months ago (while here in the past it might be a good idea to buy some stocks). Technological tipping point Face masks and new social rituals aside, zoom out (no pun intended): The past year has seen some pretty spectacular changes. First of all, e-commerce has made a huge leap forward. In the US, e-commerce penetration has risen from 17% to a staggering 33% in just two.

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Months (a previous estimate didn’t even predict e-commerce penetration to reach 24% until 2024!). Following this trend, digital investments have become (even more so) a top priority. During the early months of COVID-19, while most corporate funding was slashed, funding for digital initiatives rose more than anything else. And research among executives around the world shows that they intend to keep up with it.

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