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The tools to manage social networks that you should use

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The tools to manage social networks that you should use

There are thousands, we know. But these tools for social networks are our favorites , Italy Business Phone List the ones we use and the ones that we find most useful for our day to day. Do you want to know them? Well, read on and take note. A classic, an all-rounder, a must (if the simile taken from the fashion sector is allowed) . With this free social media management program you can do a bit of everything: schedule, monitor messages, private messages or hashtags and get very visual and simple reports with customizable graphs With Hootsuite you can manage RR.SS. of your brand (supports up to 35 different networks), but depending on your Italy Business Phone List needs you can opt for a payment plan or another: from the professional (lets manage 10 profiles with a single user), which costs € 25 / month, to Business (allows up to 35 profiles and 5 users), for € 599 / month, through the intermediate Team (20 profiles and 3 users) for € 109 / month. And if you want to know everything about analytics for Social Media , don’t miss this episode of Paradisers … Another of the social media management tools that you should know. It is an application with options very similar to those of Hootsuite … but only for Twitter . And free. So if the only profile you manage is the blue bird, give it a shot. Shield Do you have a LinkedIn strategy where your brand ambassadors are your own employees ?

Analyze how each of your publications works without having to access your private profile thanks to this social media tool . Although it is paid, the price for a small team of 10 profiles is only € 30 / month , which is quite good considering all the analytics it offers. If your team is older, you have to contact their team for a quote. Metricool Another Italy Business Phone Listoption to analyze, manage and even control your advertising in RR.SS. is this. Whether you are a community manager with several accounts to manage or if you have a real interest in how your profiles work, here you have a choice. You have packs from  (if you make the annual payment), all depending on how many accounts you want to include and what functions you need. The most complete of all allows you to include 50 brands, with their 50 accounts in each channel AND among the available functions, beyond what anyone can expect from a social media analysis tool: hashtag tracker, Twitter benchmark , storage of metrics, post promotion on Facebook or Stories analytics . In this case, the most remarkable part of this social media monitoring tool is in the facilities it offers to manage the conversation that is generated around your brand. In addition to schedule, organize your schedule and have reports where Italy Business Phone List Social Sprout is marked somewhat is in the e abelling of incoming messages , saved answers and suggested, chatbots with automation applications or organizing workflows customized for multiple responsible for approval and steps. Here we have, probably, one of the most complete analytical tools for social networks. So much so that one of their plans is so adjusted to your needs that you must contact them to hire it. The other, which they call Essential, is € 170 / month for 10 profiles and € 340 / month for 20. Conclusion: if you have a pan, it is well worth it. In Social Bakers you not only analyze how your RR.SS works. but you can extract a lot of information from the competition and play with an advantage when it comes to proposing new strategies.

You will have more data from your own, but we assure you that what you will know about your competitors is worth it. You can create custom dashboards to make comparisons and download each graph of your reports. Onlypult Another tool to manage social networks is this, but it is not just any option. If you are a community manager and you have several accounts in your charge, you will like this: here you can also program Instagram carousels and even stories. Yes, you read it right! In networks, if you do not measure, you go blind. Including the visits that your website has from your profiles. And for this, nothing better than Google’s URL tagging tool . So when you enter Analytics you will be able to know the exact performance of each of the links that you have shared. Another must . Ah! And it’s free, by the way. Bit.ly Do your eyes bleed when you see endless URLs in a post eu phonen umber? Thanks to Bit.ly that has been history for a long time. Although it is not an application to manage social networks itself, it is basic for day-to-day work with them. To try it, you just have to register on its free platform (unless you have a huge volume of links, you don’t have to go to the paid plan) and start enjoying your short, personalized and very cute URLs . In addition, you can also see the performance of each of them within the website itself. Canva What community manager in the world has never used it? Quick, simple and elegant designs (which we also talk about in this post about apps to edit photos for Instagram ) through templates for various networks, ideal for those who do not control Photoshop or Illustrator. If you don’t have a professional designer to help you with your creatives, you can use Canva in its free version. But if you want templates and resources a tad more pro, you can opt for their monthly or annual payment plan .

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