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The rise of email marketing why the strategy continues to work at the top of its lungs

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The rise of email marketing why the strategy continues to work at the top of its lungs

This created a chain reaction and right now the Internet is invaded with your brand’s content. Technology Companies The B2B organizations in the Tech segment content marketing should provide valuable information about their processes and recommendations for Algeria WhatsApp Number List your customers to improve their tasks. Bind ERP in Mexico, took advantage of the power of Content Marketing to share a large amount of content on its blog about: cloud technology, administration and productivity, entrepreneurship and strategy, inventory control and more. And all these contents are quite aligned with their administration and control software products, but without mentioning them as the best, but Algeria WhatsApp Number List progressively bringing the audience closer. SaaS Software as a Service (Saabs) businesses have the characteristic of establishing long-lasting relationships with their clients, as they often offer long service contracts.

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Why is email marketing so important today and why is it due to its rise?

To verify the value of your proposal to the consumer, producing high quality content is a great alternative. In the end, the sales cycles in this segment are long, since the customer’s purchase decision has to be built gradually. In this case, the opportunity that opens up to these companies is to elaborate extremely advanced materials, which capture the attention of their leads and promote in them the feeling of prestige. Algeria WhatsApp Number List One Saas company that does this very well is Adobe, which runs a blog for Marketing Directors. On CMO.com , he publishes complete content on the challenges of a CMO, based on interviews with recognized professionals in the market and case studies. Universities and educational institutions Something as old as a university also recognizes the power of Content Marketing for different businesses. One case of this is a Rock Content client, Aliat Universidad’s .

How to implement email marketing in your company and not fail along the way?

This company perceived the power of Inbound and content to make itself known to the world. Both to create a direct relationship with the public and to have a better ROI . Aliat, worked with 5 different types of Buyer Persona, where a content plan was developed that evolved according to the results obtained. The result? A growth of almost 5 times in 11 months. 80% organic visits to your blog and more than 115,000 Algeria WhatsApp Number List visitors per month. sightseeing Social networks, blog, videos and infographics are the favorite content of Content Marketing for tourism companies. A case of success is that of TripAdvisor, which became the largest online travel portal based on a solid international SEO strategy , which allows it to position itself as an authority in different countries. Another important feature of their strategy is the user-generated content on their pages, with the reviews they make of the places they visit and where they stay.

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