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The Question Is Will It Stay

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The Question Is Will It Stay

For the physical festival, it is important that your own team (including artistic direction and curators) devise and elaborate the concept. Consult with Singapore Phone Number others from the community “in-world”, look around, and possibly create a Discord or Telegram group with your team. This way you can help each other quickly if someone gets stuck with something. Virtual worlds are “3D social media”. They must therefore be fun to visit, otherwise.

Been Such a GameChanger

The visitor will not come. 3. No fun A condition for a virtual world is that it must be FUN. Virtual worlds are a social environment, not a website that is still seen too much as a static business card or sales channel. They are places where you can teleport from world to world. You can visit free clothing stores, Bladerunner-like worlds, Milanese fashion shows, paradise beaches, etc. Virtual worlds are “3D social media.

That Even This Old Dogma

Singapore Phone Number List

Therefore be fun to visit, otherwise, the visitor will not come. Try to create a special space where artists can express themselves, provide frameworks (possibly a quality level), and leave room for the artists, users, and the community. Use the possibilities of the online world, research what you add to that world. 4. No Guidance It is also a pitfall to put the world top-down and expect the visitor immediately.

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