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The most used social networks in the world and in Spain

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The most used social networks in the world and in Spain

The digital world is changing, yes, but if there is a sector Canada Business Phone List that takes the cake, it is that of the RRSS. What if new channels, what if new formats, what if now I take away your likes, what if the audience is younger every time … Would you be able to say which are the most used social networks right now ? Before revealing to you which are the most used social networks in the world, we are going to make a general count of active users in these channels . According to the digital analysis report prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuite , in January 2021 we were 4.2 billion active users globally : 10.5% more than in January 2020. Of those, 588 million belong to Europe . Based on the data obtained on January 25, 2021 in the We Are Canada Business Phone List Social and Hootsuite report , we have a ranking with the 17 most popular social networks globally . For our particular ranking, we will exclude instant messaging apps (at least while the office does not close the debate on whether WhatsApp is a social network or not). And now yes. An advance … How could it be otherwise, Facebook is the most used social network so far , followed by YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and QZone in the ranking .

Although, if you want to know how many millions of users use each one… Keep reading! Yes, the right eye of Mark Zuckerberg continues to maintain its reign as the most used social network with 2.74 billion users . However, and although we are still very far from being able to affirm that Facebook is dead , we must take into account data like these: in India it has lost 10 million users; in Spain and South Korea, one million. In addition, the engagement rate is still laughable for fanpages: if you have more than 100,000, it will be approximately 0.08%. Cerquita is followed by YouTube with 2,291 million users and a billion hours of video per day . The three most viewed videos are Canada Business Phone List: Pinkfong Kids´ Songs & Stories – Baby Shark Dance Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee – ‘Despacito’ Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape Of You’ The third in the ranking of the most used social networks is Instagram, with 1,221 million users . The little girl from Zuckerberg continues to grow and not only manages to retain users with its continuous renovations, it also attracts new instagramers). Of course: watch out for the next position in the ranking, which is hot on its heels. If last year  Canada Business Phone List Douyin and TikTok added 800 million users together and it seemed like the maximum sauce, hold on. As of January 2021, TikTok alone already has 689 million users. And you wanted to miss it. It was no joke when we warned you that it would be totally necessary to reach the youngest (and not so young,

seen what we have seen) and make a hole in their mobile phones loaded with information. This app of Chinese origin is one of the social networks with the most users since it brings together 6 17 million users. Specifically, it is an extension of QQ (that messaging app that has a penguin with a red scarf as its icon) in which you can write blogs or buy online . 511 million users of this app, also of Chinese origin, whose description in Wikipedia is as detailed as: similar to Facebook and, eu phonen umber to a lesser extent, to Twitter. Yes, there is still life on Snapchat. Exactly 498 million lives , the majority between 13 and 24 years . It seems that, as much as Instagram has put the batteries with its filters, there are still faithful to those of the ghost app. It goes unnoticed, but Pinterest continues to enter the rankings with 442 million users. What’s more, it has increased its community by 16% from the previous year. Reddit : 430 million users It is not one of the most important social networks, but it stands out because it allows users to add news and accompany them with text, images, videos or other links. Based on their interests, the community votes and makes the content more or less popular. There are 430 million users who use this social network. Like last year.

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