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Those kinds of sessions during the lockdown? There is hope When we look into the future, there is a glimmer of hope. Due to corona, the business Qatar Phone Number List community has suddenly come to realize that everything has to change. On the one hand, the office is no longer sacred. Executives who for years were afraid of working at home citizens have quickly grown over their fear. Even inveterate office tigers are discovered.

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the benefits of working from home here and there. And on the other hand, everyone also feels the pain of what you lack by doing your work in isolation. People crave variety, creativity, and human contact. In short: ‘the new way of working’ will be a combination of home and office. Fewer square meters Companies that think about the future are now overturning all their personnel policy. Twitter gives employees the choice.

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They don’t want to come to the office, that’s fine. Even when corona is over, they no longer necessarily have to report to their workplace. Insurer TVM said it was reconsidering the construction of a new head office in Hoogeveen because working from home is so good. The company is seriously investigating the possibility of introducing two fixed working days from home. This saves a significant number of square.

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