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The catalog of old books on design

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The catalog of old books on design

Every week, there are a lot of web projects that catch my attention. However, there are very few that really grab my attention . Everything looks alike and everything sometimes seems pointless, poor in content and overloaded with effects. Fortunately, this morning I discovered the Archives.design site of designer Valery Marier. This modest but extremely practical website invites us to discover, read and download dozens of old books on design graphics structured and each work is hosted on the essential Internet Archives that you surely know. Perfect for perfecting your design culture In short, here are some beautiful images from these books that I was able to collect for you and I let you discover the site for yoursel France, in , design is political, that no longer needs to be proven.

Drawing words for public debate

In the demonstrations, we find for years the graphic writings. Vincent Perrottet with Work first, you will have fun later. There is also Pierre Di Sciullo who draws strong words with his own characters Nothing but trade or. General procrastination e-commerce photo editing to invite citizens to act and react. Finally, the recent project Les mots de trop uses JeanFrançois Porchez’s AW. Conqueror and Franklin Gothic on its posters to denounce the many forms of discrimination in art and design schools. The list of design engagement projects is long and designers are increasingly arming themselves with various forms of graphic design, a territory on which typography supports the fire of their words.

e-commerce photo editing

Extension of the fight from digital to ecology

Olympes de Gouges was guillotined for having posted her ideals in the form of typed posters in the streets of Paris. In May , in Paris, the popular Atelier des. BeauxArts printed in red characters an immense Frontiers, we don’t care EU Phone Number or even Comrade workers . In this respect, we could also evoke the posters of the. Grapus collective , with this relationship to the handpainted letter, La chienlit, c’est lui. Return to normal, which we see exist both thanks to screen printing techniques and a desire to humanize graphics, to break down. The typographical barrier between the reader and the manifesting creator.

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