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The best graphic design accounts on Instagram

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The best graphic design accounts on Instagram

It is clear that Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms in recent years, already exceeding one billion active users. What for some is a simple social network, for others it is a way to share their work or a place full of artists where they can find many sources of inspiration. We help you awaken your creativity with this list of very original graphic design accounts on Instagram. is an illustrator specialized in the world of lettering who has been trained between New York and Los Angeles.  Switzerland Business Phone List She is known for using a palette with very vivid colors and for being the author of the project “No Photos Please”, a magazine where she makes a compilation of photographs of sketches that she made during her 18 month trip around the world. All this has led him to be able to work with clients such as Starbucks, Google or YouTube, among others. Eugenia Clara is an Indonesian creative and art director. In his Instagram feed you can find inspirational sayings, quotes and phrases, but with a great design touch . It is characterized by the use of lettering , sketches and bright colored backgrounds, although sometimes its best setting is the city itself. @GOODTYPE Goodtype was founded by Brooke Robinson in 2013 due to her love of typography. This account Switzerland Business Phone List serves as a showcase for artists, as well as to meet lettering artist and illustrators from around the world . Here you will find a wide variety of styles that will serve as a source of inspiration. Behind this account is Angel Villanueva, a visual designer with years of experience in the world of UI / UX / IxD . In his Instagram profile you will find the designs he has made for all types of clients. The feed is a mix of your web work, applications and photos of your prototypes, wireframes or sketches . Raza Shah is a product designer specializing in UI / UX .

In your account, upload photos of the different steps you have taken to complete your designs. You can see their schematics, wireframes , different prototypes and finished works. In addition, he usually gives small tips or ideas in the copies of his post. @UIDESIGNPATTERNS The perfect source of inspiration for the world of UI / UX . Around here you can find very diverse designs by different artists. Sometimes he not only shares static photographs of the prototype, but also makes them move to better understand the operation of the application or web. Grand Chamaco is a well known illustrator from Mexico. Although he is famous for his work, his exact identity is not known, as he hides it behind a very peculiar mask. His eccentric 3D characters, characterized by their striking colors, textures and shapes , have made him a celebrity in the world. Santi Zoraidez is a designer and art director from Buenos Aires , although he currently lives and works in Berlin. In his works you will see striking works where he mixes the real with the digital in 3D scenarios. He attaches great importance to the compositions and movement of the figures he makes, whether they are organic Switzerland Business Phone List or geometric shapes. His taste for light and color has made him work for clients such as Nike, HBO or Bvlgari among many others. Alex Trochut is a Spanish graphic designer, typographer and illustrator . He currently has his studio in New York after having worked in both Berlin and Barcelona. His Instagram feed, like his work, covers different areas of design. In addition, he knows how to mix different styles and genres such as pop or street culture. Among his clients have passed Nike, Adidas or even The Rolling Stones. Javier Jaén is a creative who works both in the world of graphic design and illustration. It has been formed between Barcelona, ​​New York and Budapest. His works are developed in the editorial field and are characterized by dealing with everyday issues but told with an ironic touch and double readings.

He has worked for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post among many others. It’s hard not to know Jessica Walsh by now, but her Instagram is worth mentioning in this post. At just 11 years old, she started in the world of design and is now an art director, designer and partner of the creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh. She is known for a provocative and assertive style where she mixes photography with digital design influenced by the style of the 70s and 80s. She uses a lot of lettering , shapes or vibrant colors. Futura is a creative studio founded in 2008 by Iván García and Vicky González . From the differences between the two when carrying out the projects, a unique style has emerged where firmness abounds, but with a rebellious touch. His feed consists of a set of works for many clients with different styles, but in which the color always attracts attention eu phone number. Although they cover many services, on their Instagram what stands out the most are their rebranding and their visual identity works. Menta is a graphic design studio founded in 2008 and based in Mexico. Its entire portfolio is related to branding, with a greater focus on packaging. They define their work as a mix between classic and contemporary with a touch of simplicity and elegance . They like to highlight the craftsmanship and the care with which they make the products. Lucía Irueta, besides being a designer, gives her name to her design and communication studio specialized in branding, graphic design and web design . On his Instagram we will find a neat, elegant and minimalist feed, following the style of his work. Among your photos you can see from logos or moodboards to mockups of your clients.

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