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Television: Is it really the first screen today? # CNMD2014

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Television: Is it really the first screen today? # CNMD2014

Mexico City . One of the most popular concepts in 2014 in the marketing world was the second screen . This phenomenon – which occurred alongside the exponential growth of mobile technology on the planet – frames the idea that television is the main axis that guides audiences towards new forms of consumption and interaction with brands.

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However, the second day of activities within the framework of the 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress began with a total break with this conception in the conference ” The future of Video Marketing ” given by Juan Carlos Zaragoza. The head of strategic planning in digital Paraguay Phone Number List media for the television company Televisa, shared his experiences within a ‘traditional’ media as well as the step that both producers and team members have taken to fully integrate into the digital revolution.

Zaragoza commented: “We had considered that the first screen was television. Now we know that the first screen is smartphones , but they are quite a challenge since these screens have applications that are available at all times ”

According to their data, the average user opens their phone more than 160 times a day , an extremely important factor for the communication strategies of brands as they face the challenge of speed and creativity: “ we cannot repeat the same content more than once “. Regarding social networks, the lecturer commented that on Twitter “we need a synthesis capacity of 120 characters”, since we must consider that users have to replicate the content to generate engagement .

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He also said that one of the great obstacles for people who want to focus on social networks -or the digital issue in general- is that “they launch without knowing. It’s not Brother Cell Phone List bad, but many times we need to have an objective and the objective is “ what do you want, get likes or have communication? “, And it is that communication that will lead you to the sale.” Finally, Juan Carlos summarized the work in this area with a very specific phrase: “Digital is not expensive, but it is dedicatory.”

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