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Taylor Swift vs. Spotify, real lawsuit or marketing strategy?

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Taylor Swift vs. Spotify, real lawsuit or marketing strategy?

International.- Singer Taylor Swift has been in the spotlight during the past weeks for two reasons: her album is the most successful in more than a decade and brings a lawsuit with the streaming service Spotify . But is it a real conflict or a marketing strategy ?

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A few weeks ago, just as she released her new album titled ” 1989, ” Taylor Swift announced that she would remove all of her music from Spotify . He then explained that Kazakhstan Phone Number List the reason was that the service “perpetuates the idea that music has no value and should be free” and that he does not agree with that. In addition, he called Spotify an “experiment that does not fairly compensate songwriters, producers, artists and music creators.”

When Taylor Swift announced that she was removing all of her music from Spotify, the company responded with a kind post on her official blog, lovingly asking her not to leave. But then the breakup turned sour. In an interview with Time magazine, Swift said that streaming services are responsible for artists being paid less and less for their albums.

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Some outlets believe that the mastermind behind the war between Taylor Swift and Spotify is Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine Records , the singer’s record company. Borchetta told Time that the music streaming site has paid them less than $ 500,000, while Spotify claims it has given the label more than $ 2 million and that they had a projection that if it hadn’t released their music. would have reached six million. For his part, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek expressed frustration over Taylor Swift’s departure and comments.

The album “1989” broke sales records in its first week, with 1.28 million copies, a figure that the industry had not reached in more than a decade. But Taylor Swift has Brother Cell Phone List remained current in traditional and digital media thanks to the conflict with Spotify that it seems she is now using as a marketing strategy to promote herself as an independent artist who wants to change the way the industry works.

In addition, Swift has an army of followers on social networks:  70 million fans on Facebook, 46 million followers on Twitter and 13 million followers on Instagram, who obviously agree with her in her battle against Spotify.

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