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Social networks in summer: how to manage them so as not to lose followers

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Social networks in summer: how to manage them so as not to lose followers

It is a time of travel, of festivals in the town, afternoons at the pool, on terraces, festivals, sales, heat waves, new songs, the World Cup or the European Championship if it takes place, weddings, catching some color … Everything This happens in the summer season and we find out everything thanks to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Who had said that social networks in summer are dead? Or else, ask Laura and Pablo, who, along with a servant, talked at length in this podcast about the reasons to keep your brand alive in the summer Indian B2B Phone List. Yes, at this time we have much more important things to do than to be glued to the mobile all day, but hey, don’t forget to post a photo of your vacation because it will be as if you had not left. “ Rumbo a la playa ”, “ Piscineo con mama ”, “ Bodorrio M&P ”, “ Calorazo en el Arenal Sound ”… If any of these phrases are familiar to you, it means that you also use social networks these months. Doesn’t it even happen to you that, suddenly, people appear that you didn’t even know you were following on Instagram? The time spent by “summer users” posting their Ibiza holidays may not be comparable to the hours they spend the rest of the year consuming branded content, but they are clearly active. So, the key for the RRSS of a business is to get as close to that #SummerMood of its target . According to a study published by Adglow , 21% of Spaniards use social networks more during this period, increasing this figure to 30% in the case of the youngest. Indian B2B Phone List On the other hand, a survey carried out by Tiendeo in 2018 tells us that young people between 18 and 24 years old spend 80 minutes a day consuming content in the summer season (not including WhatsApp). And, in case you thought this was a thing for twentysomethings instagramers , at the other extreme we have those over 65 with 37 minutes a day To be more exact, according to data from IAB Spain, the consumption of social networks in summer starts very early: at 8:30 in the morning.

And then it increases throughout the day, with the time from 20:30 to 00:30 being the time when the mobile phone is most used to access. These dates are accompanied by a state of mind that makes users change their behavior . And this affects both consumption and the time they spend on their feed or the content they publish. Everything is carried away by the freedom and freshness typical of this season. Therefore, the challenge for brands is to adapt their content with an adapted strategy. Tips to manage your RRSS in summer Now that you know that users are still active on social networks during these months, you will have stopped thinking about “closing for vacations”, right? Okay, you want to rest, but it costs you nothing to be forewarned and leave everything ready so as not to miss opportunities. Review your social media strategy and adapt it You don’t have to turn your strategy upside down, but you do have to spend some time thinking about three aspects that will help you fine-tune what you post on your social networks in the summer. 1) Your competition. Analyze where you are and monitor which chips you move on your social networks. It will give you clues about where you can excel. 2) Your audience. Your target will not change but its behavior will. We see it with a couple of examples: Imagine that you are a brand aimed at kids between 14 and 18 years old . In the summer months, most of them have all the time in the world . Especially in the mornings (which used to be spent in high school) and at night after dinner (now they don’t have to go to sleep early because they don’t get up early the next day). In the afternoon they may meet their friends, but when they have free time they will have no problem spending time with you. Indian B2B Phone List Of course, you will find them on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat before on Twitter or Facebook. Your target is women and men from 50 years old . The rest of the year you are waiting for them on Facebook first thing in the morning or at noon, but in August they may not get up that early and at lunch they will probably be there for their family. Take advantage of when they are calm and be gentle, since they will not hold a dense content. 3) Important milestones. As you read at the beginning of the article, many things happen in these months and all of them can be an opportunity to stand out . Mark them on your calendar and prepare content so you can join the conversation at the right time. Make sure you have enough resources During the summer, especially if you are going on vacation, you will need extra resources to cover your breaks. – Tools to program your content : Hootsuite, Tweetdeck for Twitter, Gramblr or Onlypult (paid) for Instagram or Facebook’s own tool for your fanpage. – Staff to respond to comments and private messages . That or reserve a few hours of your day and manage it yourself. – Budget to schedule a promotion. If you get the what, how and whom right, you can be surprised with the results.

Make a content plan for these dates It is not worth that, because it is summer and you or your audience are going on vacation, you base your content plan on recycling content and automating its publication. – Includes new content . Recycling is fine, but your target will not like to follow a robot that automates all its content. – If you are going to rely on content from your blog, you should also prepare it for the summer. – Adapt the tone to the spirit of this season. Do not go from being the most serious to the most badass, but make a wink in your copies to the time in which you are . For example: “How about today at the beach? Now it’s time to review these 5 tips to keep your tan ” or” Holidays are to disconnect Don’t think about your bills, we’ll take care of it when you return . – Leave gaps to join the conversation of the moment . Thus, your followers will feel that just at that moment eu phone number there is a person behind that publication. – In general, think about lighter content and formats that are easy to consume. The story scores points for your social networks in summer. – Come up with a promotion focused on this period and take the opportunity to launch it at the hours when most vacationers are free: late in the afternoon or early evening. When segmenting, keep in mind that locations or interests may vary from usual. Make it easy for yourself and enjoy your vacation That a community manager must be available 24/7 is a lie. Do not forget that social networks are made by and for people . And what do people do in summer? Take vacations, disconnect and rest to get it on your way back.

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