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Social media errors: Dave & Buster’s accused of launching a racist tweet

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Social media errors: Dave & Buster’s accused of launching a racist tweet

International . As we’ve learned in recent weeks, managing social media at the business level can be a double-edged sword. Although it can be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate a display of creativity in real time, it can also cause serious criticism and loss of audience due to poor content management.

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On this occasion, the Dave & Buster’s restaurant chain earned Chile Phone Number List a place in the section of companies that seriously failed in their social media strategies thanks to a tweet that was described by the international community as racist.

The company’s joke was not funny on the Twitter platform. According to reports from multiple portals such as Consumerist and AdAge , the company found no better way to promote its #TacoTuesdays than with an apparently innocent joke about Hispanic culture. ”’ I hate tacos’ said no Juan ever ” which could be translated as “ ‘ O gave the tacos’ said no Juan never ”, was the way in which the famous franchise earned the contempt of hundreds of followers who accused the brand to promote ethnic stereotypes towards Mexicans.

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It should be mentioned that the name ‘Juan’ is a generic name used to refer to any character that refers to the culture of our country and the joke of “Juan and the tacos” is a ‘classic’ joke on digital platforms -the same as It has been replicated in countless memes of characters with charro hats, mustaches or T-shirts of the Mexican national team. After the general negative response to the badly grounded tweet , Dave & Buster’s decided to immediately delete the comment and offer a public apology in the same way.

The company’s new comment translated as: “We sincerely apologize for today’s tweet. Our intention was not to offend anyone, please accept our apologies . ” An action Brother Cell Phone List that – although it is the first step in a crisis situation in social media – could not repair the damage to the engagement of the sector with this well-known brand. Topics that serve to analyze the implications of a comment and the metrics to follow when generating content for social networks.

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