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These are sometimes up to 5 years old. But the higher positions are usually taken by ‘younger’ articles. These articles meet the current quality Taiwan Phone Number List requirements. They will also be better geared to the current state of affairs. The visitor is, therefore, better served by these articles, as a result of which they are in higher positions. By reusing this content, it is possible to continue to grow. Year on year there is significant growth.

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Why does the graph below show more than the present? I applied an open-source forecasting model in Python to investigate what we might expect in the future. Although this can of course never is determined with certainty. Organic Session Chart Nice numbers! How did we manage this? Old content gets a new purpose. From 2017, articles that are similar or fit into the same theme will be merged into one whole.

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Taiwan Phone Number List

The content will then be updated. The old articles are canceled and redirected to a new location. So that all SEO value flows into the new masterpiece. Content repurposing We call this ‘content repurposing’ or ‘content recycling’. This is transforming existing content into a new format. For example, you take a few old blogs and turn them into a skyscraper. Or you can turn a blog article into a fun video.

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