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SEO the complete guide for you to conquer the top of Google in 2022

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SEO the complete guide for you to conquer the top of Google in 2022

Instagram has approximately one billion registered users on its platform; According to Social Media Today , brands publish an average of 2.5 stories per week on Instagram . Newsletter This resource allows to generate a lasting and close relationship with South Korea Phone Number List potential clients, since a newsletter provides relevant data and materials on a certain topic. Thus, each week you can select a main subject for your email, segmenting it according to the type of contact you want to attack and collecting data on their interactions with the content you send them. As we are talking about expenses, Email Marketing is the most efficient channel for acquiring contacts in financial terms, because it only requires investment in South Korea Phone Number List an automation tool and in a professional who can structure emails. 2. Videos for all stages of the funnel This is one of the most effective strategies within Digital Marketing.

South Korea Phone Number List

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The 54% of users prefer watching videos, being the Latin American audience most interested in this type of technique, with a preference of 62%. Incredible, right? Which means that, applying them within our Marketing strategy will facilitate the demonstration of our product in each of the stages of the funnel because: it is a way of simplifying the message; the 87% of consumers use more than one electronic device at the South Korea Phone Number List same time, being interactive videos an excellent tool to increase the engagement of your audience; It is a way to optimize the customer experience and their journey within the sales funnel; improves brand popularity; makes it easy to collect data, such as how long the video was and how many times it was shared. This tool is effective in reaching people, adding a lot to the way a message is distributed. 3. Interactive content The implementation of interactive content for data collection is essential in every Marketing department.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It stimulates the commitment of the buyer person, facilitates the mapping of their journey and is a differentiating element in the experience that your brand offers . The user’s customer experience on the Internet is intrinsically related to his interaction with the various digital elements, be it a comment on a post or the number of clicks on a web page. Some of the most effective practices are: Interactive landing pages : they are South Korea Phone Number List excellent for stimulating visitors to provide information such as email, name, profession, company (if it is B2B), among others. Interactive infographic : when exposing an important topic for the business, at a specific moment we can place questions to test the knowledge that the user has on the subject and many others, such as calculators, quizzes, resource libraries, maps, and digital books .

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