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SEO and UX why the combination of these concepts is a pillar of digital strategies

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SEO and UX why the combination of these concepts is a pillar of digital strategies

There is also a consensus that they are fundamental elements in any Digital Marketing strategy committed to innovation. What not everyone is clear about is the real benefits that this type of content can bring to a Marketing campaign. We are going to list its main benefits below. Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List Continue reading! Simplify the message Is it important to you that your message is better understood? The audiovisual has been highlighted for some time as the most complete way of showing concepts, allowing the interlocutor to use the most diverse image and sound resources to help the receiver understand what is being transmitted. Interactive videos add an even more powerful tool for this goal: interacting with the content.

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What are the benefits of delivering good UX?

Increase engagement Speaking of attracting attention, in the report Digital Video and The Connected Consumer , produced and distributed by Accenture, it was revealed that 87% of consumers use more than one electronic device at the same time, which makes the dispute for the audience be even more intense. And it gets even deeper when it comes to engaging our audience. The word interaction, in itself, Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List already summarizes the great differential that interactive videos can bring to the engagement of your audience. Optimize experiences Much has been said about the customer experience within company processes. Every day more and more people understand the value of offering a truly enjoyable experience – from start to finish – to your target audience. Also in this sense, research, with a focus on a better understanding of the public and its needs, is becoming more and more frequent.

Why do SEO and UX come together in a web positioning strategy?

Interactive videos also help in this mission by giving consumers a more natural and direct opportunity to ” personalize ” content according to their preferences. The results of this interaction can also help in proposals to improve this experience as a whole. Which brings us to the next point. Improve data and metrics Yes, since consumer interaction is a demonstration of their preferences, collecting this data can Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List become a good metric to understand your audience, as well as help you offer them content that is increasingly aligned with their real needs and desires. . This type of information does not apply only to the production of new interactive videos, but also to the development of the content as a whole and, in addition, to the way you communicate with the consumer by other means. Increase brand popularity It is not enough to be attentive to innovations , it is also necessary to participate in them.

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