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Rock Content acquires Scribble Live and becomes a global leader in Content Marketing

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Rock Content acquires Scribble Live and becomes a global leader in Content Marketing

Your person is the guide of your strategy, and each information about it is a very important insight. Learn more about how to know, understand and create your persona with this ebook on the subject. 3. Analyze your competition Yes, you need to know what brands do to compete for your consumer . What social networks are they on? Do they do a good job? The intention here is to make a critical analysis of the presence Morocco WhatsApp Number List of other brands, and of course, always try to do it better and differentiate ourselves from what already exists. 4. Think about logistics It is useless if you have a YouTube channel if you do not have how to maintain a frequent frequency of publications or the necessary resources so that your videos have quality.

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In Content Marketing we follow the idea: do what you can with what you have and where you are. However, we know that many times it is not worth it to enter a social network just to be there. Manage your efforts in what you can do and have focus. Surely you need to take into account other variables to choose the social network that will bring the most results for your company. But these four steps are Morocco WhatsApp Number List essential and they will help you a lot not to regret it later. How to produce content for social networks If you have a content marketing strategy , you probably already invest in social media as well. In the end, they are essential for the propagation of your content. But aligning both strategies consistently requires planning and consistency. Thinking about digital marketing strategies, your blog must adopt good practices to be shared on social networks.

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We are going to tell you some of them: Produce specific images of your blog posts with your keyword on creation, this helps your readers to immediately understand what to expect when clicking on social media. Update the title of your publication on social networks, always thinking about how to attract attention to make your post more interesting. Plan an attractive description that will appear as a description of your post, this serves to prepare the reader for the content. In addition, it is interesting to think about publications that are going to perform well on social Morocco WhatsApp Number List networks, such as: Lists News Texts about a subject of much debate in the media Quizzes Infographics You may ask yourself: Shouldn’t I just share the content that I produce for my website? Despite being an important part of your strategy, this is not the only thing that should matter to you. In a hypothetical scenario, in which your blog produces 3 weekly texts, what would you do with your social network the other days of the week?

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