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Review 6 simple steps to create an online store on your brand and get the most out of it

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Review 6 simple steps to create an online store on your brand and get the most out of it

On the other hand, on the Display Network the options are a bit broader. To create campaigns in this format you can choose: the objective of your campaign the direction of the audience (remarketing, related websites, interest targeting, among others); ad formats and dimensions. To identify if your ad is performing well, you can look at metrics such as CTR , Click Through Rate and, in Spanish, click-through rate. This percentage indicates how many clicks you have received according to the number of views you have had. Sponsored ads also have different cost and ROI (return on investment) modalities. In order for you to analyze which is the best option for your company, you must first know the characteristics of each one. CPA Acronym for Slovenia Phone Number List cost per action or acquisition , in this method you only pay when the user completes an action (which you can choose in the details of your ad) or makes a purchase on your website. In the CPA, the investment is proportional to the result obtained, which enhances the return on your income. CPC Cost per click , as the name implies, here you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Slovenia Phone Number List

Purchase a hosting plan and domain

The value may vary, since it works with a casting system that you previously choose in the settings of your campaign. CPM Or cost per thousand impressions . In this mode, it does not matter if your ad had 10 or 1,000 clicks, you will only pay when your Slovenia Phone Number List ad is shown a thousand times on the display network. How to combine Content Marketing and Google Ads? Although at first it seems contradictory, sponsored links can be a complementary resource in a Content Marketing strategy to increase organic traffic . Therefore, it is not necessary to treat them as rivals or opposites. The two techniques add a lot of value when developed together, especially since they both have characteristics that support each other’s individual goals.

Choose a platform for your virtual store

Next, I will explain how you can integrate Content Marketing and Google Ads to boost your results. Expand the reach of your digital presence If you already work on an SEO strategy, you probably know that, despite being very efficient, the task of generating organic traffic is something that takes time, since it involves constant research, testing and optimizations. On the other hand, the main advantage of Slovenia Phone Number List sponsored links is precisely the speed with which results are presented. For that reason, investing in Google Ads is an excellent tactic, especially for companies just starting their digital presence. That’s because by reconciling the two strategies, it is possible to generate a short-term return and then maintain and expand that reach with the help of Content Marketing.

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