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Red Bull and Mini benefit from this new Guinness Record

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Red Bull and Mini benefit from this new Guinness Record

International . Being in the Guinness Book of Records can result in a highly profitable business if you know how to take advantage of it. In the world there are brands that have distinguished themselves by maintaining a permanent presence in this type of feat that mixes strength, dexterity, cunning or simply chance .

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An example of this are the brands Red Bull and Mini , who have just positioned themselves in the most recent showcase of these world brands, by appearing in the new Cameroon Phone Number List brand of parallel parking in motion, conquered on November 14, 2014. With only 8cm of space the pilot Han Yue, used a Mini Cooper with designs of the Red Bull brand to park between two other models of the company. The feat was performed during a driving championship in the city of Chongqing, China.

Here is the video:

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It should be mentioned that both companies have participation in other types of challenges. During May of this year, Mini was the protagonist of the record for the largest number Brother Cell Phone List of people locked in this small vehicle (27 in total), while Red Bull has innumerable indirect participations and some in which it is the protagonist, such as the record for most pilots to participate in a Red Bull Air Race .

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