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Reactions And Results Have

So much due to the pandemic? Still, most of the trends have come true. However, marketers and CMOs have had to deal with difficult budget choices. What priority Nepal Phone Number List is given to investing in people, technology, and channels? In this article, a look ahead at the B2B marketing trends for 2021. Gartner released an edition of the Annual CMO Spend Survey that includes the following figures: Marketing budget allocation.

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According to Gartner. Source: Gartner Many CMOs have faced budget cuts. It is therefore striking that indicates that they will invest more in marketing technology. An important development to take into account in 2021. It’s kind of a foundation for other B2B marketing trends, of which I want to highlight 4 for the coming year in this article. Trend 1. The rise of sales technology Trend 2.

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From offline events, via online events to hybrid events Trend 3. Use of personal video in sales and marketing Trend 4. Use of personalized content 2021: back to normal for B2B marketing? Trend 1. The rise of sales technology The sales process for B2B is becoming increasingly complex. An average purchase decision involves 6 to 10 decision-makers.

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