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Product-led Growth: how to turn the product into the central dynamo of your company’s growth

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Product-led Growth: how to turn the product into the central dynamo of your company’s growth

However, it is not only this type of data when we talk about the use of interactive content. Basically any kind of information can be obtained, as long as good practices are used. Imagine creating an interactive infographic on a topic that is highly relevant to your business. At a certain point, you can place an interactive questionnaire within the infographic . If the reader marks the wrong answer, they will be informed and educated Denmark WhatsApp Number List right there. If it is a very common mistake among your site visitors, you can direct your efforts to educate the market in this area and, therefore, help them to mature within the strategy so that they better understand the solution that your company offers. interactive infographic mkt tools lactam For you to be successful, it is essential that the concept is extended to all the channels you use to communicate with your buyer persona.

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Changes and key actions to implement the PLG

In an email marketing campaign , you can encourage the recipient to respond to the message, providing the kind of insight that you consider appropriate. This works even in cases of cancellation of the list. As we know, it is essential that your nutrition campaigns make life easier for the user if they want to stop receiving your messages . If you get to this point, a simple questionnaire asking the reason that led you to Denmark WhatsApp Number List that decision will generate a greater understanding of the motivations of the public, optimizing the strategy. Therefore, in addition to basic data, such as contact information, interactive content promotes deeper insights that help your team understand the pains, motivations, needs and desires of the buyer person . Next, we will present some practical examples for the application of this strategy. How to implement this idea in practice?

How was this concept formed and what is its role today?

Up to this point, you already understood that the use of interactive content is linked to several benefits for the company, right? In addition to facilitating lead capture , the practice improves the image that the public has of your brand, increases the engagement and reach of your publications and, above all, improves their efforts in Data Science . However, rather than understanding the concept, it is necessary to know how to Denmark WhatsApp Number List apply it in practice and that is what we will dedicate the rest of the text to. Interactive landing page For starters, one of the materials that can benefit the most from introducing an interactive approach is the landing page , the page responsible for capturing the contact details of visitors, turning them into leads. To illustrate, imagine that you structured the page and did a perfect SEO job to attract your buyer persona .

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