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you will find about 3800 good examples. I would say download one that appeals to you and especially check the days it contains. Surely you have to smile a few  Belarus Phone Number times. This year I added an online variant to my Google Calendar so that I can see every week which special days there is this week. Examples of hackers At first, these “holidays” seem like total nonsense. Nowadays, a day has been creat for everything.

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What should you do if ‘Peanut Butter Day’ is on your agenda? But that is precisely the charm of the hook-in calendar! You can join in on many things during the year. So there is always something for you. hooker dragonfly My inhaler on Black Friday was arrested by Libelle, among others. For example, last year I wrote a post on LinkedIn about Capslock Day and what capital letters do to our brains when we read them.

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I was very busy with press releases around Black Friday (the psychology behind Black Friday), which resulted in several publications in the media. I hooked up to the release date of the new season of La Casa de Papel with a blog posted by a trade journal. And just before Christmas, I listed the best Christmas commercials in a blog, which I distributed in a newsletter and on socials.

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