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More results and better sales? Meet our guide on Inside Sales

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More results and better sales? Meet our guide on Inside Sales

Thus, we filled in each subtitle with the most qualified information for the topic and also proposed a conceptual definition for the term “target market” that seemed the best response to the user. That is why the Google algorithm included us in the featured fragment, which brings us great visibility in the SERP. And we repeat this process daily to prepare the articles, which together have taken us to the top of Google and the million Georgia Phone Numbers List sessions that we celebrate today. 2. Wide frequency of publication Another important point in all the results we have achieved is the volume of new content that we were able to publish throughout these months of traffic recovery. Imagine what could happen if you post an article every 3 months on your blog. Google’s algorithm will assume that there is not a very coordinated and committed work behind this channel, which will make it Georgia Phone Numbers List prioritize other websites that deliver new relevant content to the user with more constancy. That’s why we sped up our content production flow with our strong and skilled base of writers, reviewers, and translators.

Georgia Phone Numbers List

Rethink the content of approaching and conducting customers

And the most interesting thing is that with it our clients can also maximize their number of publications, just like on the blog! In this Kit you will find the materials in which our Content Creators are trained to reconcile agility and high standards in their production processes, as we have verified with the blog: Our posting frequency was also boosted quite a bit by the fact that we used the Rock Studio platform to Georgia Phone Numbers List automate stages such as: references for the production of the articles; document with the registration of the information about the Buyer Persona; duration of each phase of production, such as writing, freelance review and final review; integration with free image banks; task panel in Kanban style, to know if an article is open, in production or finished; keyword and competitor analysis; among others.

What are the main differences for the external sale models?

In the following link you will access a content that presents all the information you need about Rock Studio and the benefits of adopting it in your same content strategy. 3. Full user day on the blog It is all very well to attract 1 million users to the blog, but: What pages are they accessing when they land in our virtual space? Are they leaving the blog after viewing only one page? Do they usually leave any personal Georgia Phone Numbers List information so that we can contact them in the future? Are you coming back to the blog on a recurring basis to find new information? These questions are very important because they help us understand what the user’s next steps are after they arrive at the blog.

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