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Meet The List Of The 12 Most Popular Mexican Influencers Today

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Meet The List Of The 12 Most Popular Mexican Influencers Today

How do you develop a strategy that delivers great results? As we already mentioned, before implementing a Content Marketing strategy, the company and its brand must be evaluated very well. Therefore, we can qualify this step as the basis of an effective and personalized strategy. In addition, it is important to establish a sequence of objective and linear actions, according to the different phases that a strategy goes through and the Russia WhatsApp Number List particular needs of each one. For example, the Rock Content methodology for Content Marketing is composed of 4 stages of maturity and the different actions, workflows and tactics that these entail. Specifically, we talk about: 1. Basic content structure As its name reflects, to enter this stage of maturity it is necessary to have the necessary structure to carry out a content plan, and this includes having a corporate blog ready to receive publications.

Natalia Alcoser Camelot

Also, this phase involves the documentation of the entire strategy, the objectives it hopes to achieve and the different key results indicators ( KPIs ) that will be monitored to analyze its results. As it is a sustainable methodology, it is important to align the KPIs with long-term results , such as LTV and CAC. The LVT or Life Time Value is the net value that a customer generates during their relationship with a brand. while the CAC or Customer Acquisition Cost refers to the investment that was needed for a potential consumer to finally have bought a product or contracted Russia WhatsApp Number List a service. As for other elements that must be developed in this first stage, the identification of keywords , the definition of the buyer person and the generation of relevant traffic stand out. 2. Traffic machine At this point you have mastered the basics of content strategy, so now is the time to add new challenges, such as defining the companion Email Marketing campaign and generating the first subscriber to the newsletter .

Gabriel Montiel Gutierrez

increase the reach of the strategy and, with it, traffic. 3. Lead Master It encompasses all those actions that allow generating leads, such as the dissemination of rich materials, application of landing pages and Marketing automation . At this stage and must be generated at the least the first MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), which qualified leads are those who have shown interest in the products of the mark on several occasions. 4. Doing business It is Russia WhatsApp Number List about generating business opportunities through the final conversion of leads, as well as monitoring the results of each stage of the sales funnel (top, middle and bottom). Case of success An example of successful Content Marketing in consolidated companies is that of Aliat Universidad’s , a Mexican higher education network made up of 7 institutions and with more than 50 years of experience.

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