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Meat once asked himself

Turns this option on by default for current users. Does a user choose ‘protect’? Then Apple first loads the content of the e-mail on its own server, after which the e-mail only appears in the inbox of the recipient. This means that Greece Phone Number all images, including your open pixel, will be downloaded by Apple at the time your ESP delivers the email. The result: the open rate is no longer reliable. And that’s just one of the statistics that email.

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marketers like to look at. All users who have Apple Mail Privacy Protection turned on have an open rate of 100% because Apple downloads all open pixels. The actual open rate of the receiver cannot be determined. The result: the open rate is no longer reliable. This approach by Apple has an effect on the open rate and on the operation of real-time content. The email is downloaded in its entirety by Apple when it is sent and Apple.

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Greece Phone Number List

Caches these images (without exceptions) for a minimum of 48 hours. As a result, real-time content, which normally refreshes with every open, is not changed. Also read: Privacy settings Apple iOS 15: good for user, challenge for marketer What is the real impact? This announcement from Apple has caused quite a stir in the email industry. But let’s face it, this change only impacts Apple users using the Apple Mail app from iOS 15, iPad 15 & macOS Monterey. Does the recipient have an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, but is using it.

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