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Maintaining Contacts With Colleagues

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Maintaining Contacts With Colleagues

The advantage of content repurposing is that you don’t have to prepare your new content completely from scratch. This saves you quite a bit Uganda Phone Number List of time. In addition, you can tweak the content, for example, so that it suddenly becomes interesting for a different target group. Of course, you will also have to check the content with content repurposing and adjust it if necessary on the basis of current information.

Has Become a Lot More Difficult

Content For content repurposing, proceed as follows Check which content is suitable for repurposing Look for your ‘ evergreens ‘: articles that aren’t trend-bound, but for the most part, the content is still accurate and interesting. Tip: check-in analytics which old blog articles and landing pages are eagerly read. Adapt the content to the new format Reading an old blog entry in front of a camera won’t make for a strong video.

Due to the Corona Measures

Uganda Phone Number List

So think carefully about the structure you want to pour the content into so that it fits the new form. Also, keep in mind through which channel and for which target group the content is distributed. Adjust the style and tone of voice here. 3. Chop it into small pieces Is an article or white paper too long and complicated for a video? You could also turn it into a video series. Or transform a white paper into a fun blog series.

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