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LinkedIn Stories and Google

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LinkedIn Stories and Google

That they do not read text from a computer but from a human being of flesh and blood. That sounds logical, but certainly, in a digital environment, there can be a great distance between writer and readers. The feeling that Argentina Phone Number the text comes from a real person is what computer science and psychology experts call ‘ social presence ‘In other words: social proximity. How do you stimulate that social proximity in your texts? Nine.

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tips: Write like you talk Play on emotions Close the distance to your readers Quote real people Talk to your reader’s Process yourself in your texts Use photos of people Tell something about yourself For advanced users: record your texts 1. Write like you talk This tip is very simple: do you want to write a personal text? Then write as a person. So write as you speak. In practice this means short sentences and clear language.

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Argentina Phone Number List

Connect with your target audience and write your story as you would tell your readers over a cup of coffee. So do not: “Upload your invoice in the field below to prove the costs incurred in order to be able to declare them.” But: “Upload your invoice below to get your money back.” Your text must of course remain legible. So don’t write literally as you speak. Then you will probably get a text full of hmm’s and uhh’s.

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